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Should I just connect those pins to ground, or can they stay floating? The references for the ‘board hole’ name is available on this site 27c00 the pin names can be derived from the data sheet. Pin 2 to hole 22 but here I wonder if hole 22 is 22 for 28 or 32 pins pcb?

27C010 OTP

Well its good to see you took my advice and it worked out. NEVER leave input pins floating. View unanswered posts View active topics.

I used AM27C for the project. Sorry to haunt this board with that horrendous thing. Wed Aug 15, 9: Google Adsense [Bot] and 2 guests. Solder pin 32 to hole I think I’ll just bookmark this page now, and we can send everyone here instead of trying to have a this pin equals this pin discussions over and over again The only thing I can suggest is what I’ve said previously.


When i made the picture below it all became clear.

27C010 EPROM

Users browsing this forum: 27c100, i had to bend pin 32 also and bridge pin 30 and 32 with 5v. Pin 1 and 31 72c010 floating. Solder pin 1 to hole Thu Aug 16, 7: Is this calculated for a 28 hole pcb or 32?

However, there are four floating pins: Thu Aug 16, Bend up pin 1, 2, 24, 31, and I’m noticing the flaws I wrote in that doc years ago.

But pin 30 on the 27C is NC?? Solder pin 30 to MC74HC32 pin 3. Pin 24 to gnd but same here If I use some wire to connect pin 1 to hole 1, and pin 32 to hole 28, it seems to line up with the diagram.

But When I read the guides on how to use 27C 32pin no one mentions that it actually doesnt fit. I’ve never found any significant flaw with it.

Solder pin 2 to hole Page 1 of 1.

I recommend discussing pin names and hole names vice numbers. Ground them out tie to Vcc as appropriate. It looks like almost everything matches up if I scoot the chip up and directly line up pin 16 with hole 14, and pin 17 with hole We can’t really help you much from here.


If you actually take the time to go through that excersize you’ve got a fighting chance with your current board. Your other option is try again from scratch. The references for the ‘hole’ name is available on this site and the pin names can be derived from the data sheet.

27C EPROM – Twisty Wrist Arcade and Pinball Parts

Tue Aug 14, 8: Could anyone shed some light on this? Wire pin 1 to pin 30, 31, and Previous topic Next topic. Match those up properly. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

It is currently Fri Nov 09, Mon Aug 20, 3: Mon Aug 20, Tue Aug 14, 1: Tue Aug 14, 9: I wanted to make a repro of Duck Tales 2, and used Silent service 27c100 donor.

I read through the pinouts, and I read through this topic. Will check when I get home.