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AGMA B Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing. standard by American Gear Manufacturers Association,. View all product details. Most Recent . 8 Aug AGMA B05 – Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing/钢制齿轮冶金技术 条件. AGMA Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing. AGMA Revision B05, May 3, Complete Document. Metallurgical Specifications for Steel.

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At the time of initial development, the editions shown were valid. The formula for calculating the volume density, N Vfor each range N V j is then:. Mean-free path can quickly be used to consider the likelihood of an inclusion being present in a component and is valid for both globular oxides and stringers. The leftmost photo shows a gear tooth that has fractured off of the gear.

Topics related to gear design and rating, such as case depth, stress numbers, and quality control sampling plans are not included in this document.

The reduced variate is calculated as follows:. The oxide inclusion content limits for Ultrapremium steels are on par with typical values for oxide inclusions in vacuum arc re-melted VAR steels, but at a much lower cost.

AGMA B05 – Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing

Industry standards for steel cleanness. These data can quickly be considered with respect to a gear size or a test coupon size to get a sense of the probability of inclusion-related fatigue failures.

Table 2 shows the maximum likely globular oxide inclusions for each agma b05 the steels reviewed previously. For example, an automotive ring aagma might see stresses at and near the surface in the contact region in excess of MPa. You may delete a document from aggma Alert Profile at any time. From this work, they determined that the stress intensity was related to the square root area of the defect in the plane normal to the principal stress, agm they developed a agma b05 intensity equation as a function of the square root area of an inclusion as follows:.


The field size used for rating is 0. Next, a measure of the accumulated inspected area for each of the rank ordered samples, described as the reduced variate, Y, is agma b05 at each j value. A sample is machined with a notch and subject to an agmma fatigue cycle to pre-crack the sample.

Log in to leave a comment. These limits allow gear designers and producers to select agma b05 suppliers that will meet the minimum expectations for material fatigue performance, but do not provide the data needed by designers to meet ever-increasing demands for high power density gearing agma b05 faced today. TimkenSteel has developed a virtual gear life model that allows the simulation of stresses in gears in a baseline state, without inclusions, and then again with inclusions.

In each case, the Z-contrast of these particles against the steel matrix makes them readily detectable. If the particle agma b05 in proximity to other particle s such that they meet the standard criterion for stringers, then the atma b05 is categorized and n05 as a stringer inclusion.

This well-established science applies the 923b05 of solid mechanics stress and aga and the physics of energetic fracture processes agma b05 calculate the ama force for propagation of cracks in materials and predict crack behavior. The statistics of extreme values technique [4] applied to inclusion populations has been described in detail by Murakami [5], [6] and are summarized here.

This paper has illustrated how statistically robust inclusion population data, gathered with SEM automated image analysis, can generate the statistically rich data needed to robustly consider design agmq.

Similarly, agma b05 the same automotive ring gear is determined to have 0.


Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics

In this method, the three-dimensional distribution of spheres is approximated by first dividing the two-dimensional frequency per unit area, na, data in to K discrete size sets of integer values between 7 and As a result, the current work cannot provide a figure for oxide stringers equivalent to Figure 8.

The stress intensity at the crack tip is then varied, and the rate of crack growth is measured. In this method, the three-dimensional distribution of spheres is approximated by first dividing the two-dimensional frequency per unit area, na, data in to K discrete size sets of integer values between 7 and Agma b05 analytical techniques and their resulting outputs are described in the following two sections.

Figure 3 a shows the raw data from automated SEM image analysis in the form of a histogram for micro globular oxide inclusion per square millimeter. When the stress intensity reached the critical value, K 1Cthe tooth fractured off completely. The Agma b05 information sheet on steels for gears requires that oxide agma b05 ratings meet certain limits in order to meet grade 2 or 3 gear steel quality requirements.

As repeated cycles were applied, the crack continued to grow, and 923b05 crack tip stress intensity continued to increase. A total reference agma b05 A tot is selected, which is used to provide a limit agmq performing an extrapolation of the data set in order to predict the SEV value. Log into your account. Steels rated with this method and meeting the AGMA grade 3 requirements can have very different inclusion populations when examined more closely.