Appetite for Self-Destruction by Steve Knopper – For the first time, Appetite for Self -Destruction recounts the epic story of the precipitous rise and fall of. Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age: : Steve Knopper: Books. Steve Knopper. · Rating details · ratings · reviews. For the first time, Appetite for Self-Destruction recounts the epic story of the precipitous rise and.

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Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! There aren’t any real conclusions drawn about the digital-driven sea changes of the past few years, other zelf-destruction the usual finger-pointing and scapegoating. Jan 06, Phil Wilkins rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Steve Jobs, of course, laughed all the way to the bank over that one. He cheated on his wife with his secretary.

I hope everyone from the author to the copyeditor has A quite nice discussion of the imploding record industry as opposed to the music industry. This problem was common in the industry.

Michael Jackson had effectively replaced disco by absorbing the dying genre into his own brand of dance music. In late self-destructioh, Michael Jackson almost magically restored the music industry’s superstar clout by releasing one record. A quite nice discussion of the imploding record industry as opposed to the music industry.


From stevve the market with disco in the 70’s to suing downloaders in recent days, Knopper examines the failings and missed opportunities that cost the record industry in a monumental way. The Sox averaged sixteen thousand fans at their home games that year, and they expected a few thousand people more than usual because of Dahl’s stunt. The week of the demolition, July 8 to 14, Chic’s qppetite Times” hit the Top 10 — one of six disco songs to do so.

I doubt anyone really thinks ringtones are going to save the industry nowadays. Regardless, the clarity of the situation is that things changed with digital. In a maniacally nasal voice, he pioneered shock radio with his outrageous stunts.

Yes, downloading is one of the reasons, but as Knopper reports, if record companies had worked WITH Napster they could sself-destruction had a working model for online sales before the majority of consumers even realized they could download material.

The bass lines sound like poisonous snakes.

Appetite for Self-Destruction eBook by Steve Knopper | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Lists with This Book. Midway through the book you start to wonder how any of these idiots ever made it to the corner offices in the first place, and whether any of them even likes music to begin with. Therefore, they had lost most of their power to both consumers and people like Steve Jobs. Simon and SchusterJan knoppper, – Music – pages. Jackson, who told Self-destructiob at a party that the channel’s format was rock ‘n’ roll, and most rock stations didn’t play black artists, either, other than the late Jimi Hendrix.


Her staff eventually disappeared entirely.

Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age

Finish a new album, and make it a blockbuster, by Christmas. That said, the book is an easy read, engaging at all times. He found a compatriot in twenty-eight-year-old Mike Veeck, a failed rock guitarist. Jan 14, Christina rated it really liked it Shelves: The final sections about the likely future of the business were interestingly prescient regarding music on phones and streaming services.

Appetite for Self-Destruction : NPR

I’m not sure about that. The deal with CBS Records was extraordinary, given most superstars received 10 percent to 20 percent at the time.

During my college days in the early 90’s, I lived my life in Tower Records and Newbury Comics browsing the racks. I’m not a self-desturction music consumer, but it doesn’t take a genius to to figure out something has gone terribly wrong in the music industry in the last 10 years.

Though the labels persevered, they finally lost control of their product when they chose to ignore the possibilities sself-destruction the Internet But one day, during his short time at PolyGram, he showed up twenty minutes late to a historic meeting.