INCOMPETENT The leader and at least some followers lack the will or skill (or both) to sustain effective action. With regard to at least one important leadership. A provocative departure from conventional thinking, Bad Leadership Barbara Kellerman is research director of the Center for Public Leadership and a lecturer . Bad Leadership has ratings and 12 reviews. Michael said: But, according to Barbara Kellerman, this assumption is dangerously naive. A provocative.

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Reads like a text book.

Error (Forbidden)

Curiously, counterintuitively, bad leaders are more similar to good leaders than they are different. Self-Help The following corrections suggest how leaders can strengthen their personal capacity to be at once effective and ethical. Am leadeship that it does have a use.

She identifies 7 types My only problem with this book was that it could have been shorter and to the point. Anyone not living in a cave kelperman see that bad leadership is as ubiquitous as it is insidious.

I agree that we do need to be aware of leadership that goes astray.

Kellerman argues that the dark side of leadership–from rigidity and callousness to corruption and cruelty–is not an aberration.

Clinton came to conclude that genocide was a problem the United States could choose to ignore. Eric Webb rated it it was amazing Aug 08, But, since we seem always to fall into the trap of focusing laser-like on the leader, what is much less well understood is the role in this miserable drama played by Dunlap’s followers.

It is a responsibility that falls on leaders and followers alike, which is precisely why I provide a range of strategies and tactics for the two different audiences. There are, however, a few truths that apply in every case. Erik Witherspoon rated it liked it Dec 14, He should have sought professional help. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Beware the Bad Leader

I also value the idea that bad leaders can’t be leaders without the followers that often get overlooked in the considerations of how bad someone’s leadership is; and the spectrum of seven different types of bad leadership created an interesting foundation for discussion.

Let me give you an example. To this end, and after looking at hundreds of cases of bad leadership, I describe what I kellermwn to decipher as seven different types of bad leadership. This is a danger.

Bad Leadership: What It Is, How It Happens, Why It Matters

Want to Read saving…. And Dunlap was in thrall to the portraits of himself as “Rambo” and “Chainsaw Al.

Dec 15, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: The following corrections suggest how leaders can strengthen their personal capacity to be at once effective and ethical. This is not to say that bad leadership is more prevalent than good leadership, any more than we would say that bad people are greater in number than good people.

A provocative departure from conventional thinking, Bad Leadership compels us to see leadership in its entirety. Given this, and given that bad leadership in both the public and private sectors has never been more blatantly in evidence, the question you ask might then be a different one.

To understand what is good leadership, we need to explore its “dark side”, or bad leadership.


The ways in which leaders are “bad” differ enormously. Jack Oughton rated it it was ok Jan 23, Hardcoverpages.

But, as Bad Leadership makes clear, characteristics of style, personality, and motivation must be looked at, and understood, in the context within which they matter. Daring and counterintuitive, Bad Leadership makes clear that we need to face the dark side to become better leaders and followers ourselves. Perhaps paramount among them bae this: Reyna Johnson rated it really liked it Jan 28, I read this book after hearing Barbara Kellerman speak at a conference.

At a lower level of importance, Meeker should have made it a point to acquire in-depth knowledge about stocks other than the tech issues she had long followed and favored.

Sep 20, Lee rated it liked it Shelves: But it is to argue that human nature is complex and nuanced, as prone to kellermqn revealed in shades of gray and black as in white. One of my favorite books from grad school to date. Darren Womacks rated it it was amazing Jan 03, I kelletman as though it was more of a historical lesson on leaders who made poor decisions.

These include the hunger for power Karadzicmoney Dunlapsuccess Meekerand sex Barry. And the author assumes a few times what is the “right” thing to do for the leader I didn’t necessarily agree with.