The first book in Catherine Coulter’s beloved Bride series. Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, marries the wrong woman-only to find himself haunted by a. In a display of what poses as wit in this Regency novel, the first of a trilogy, Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, tells his wife Alexandra that she is “as. The complete series list for – Sherbrooke Brides Catherine Coulter. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history.

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He should have annulled the marriage. Tysen Sherbrooke now has four sons and… More.

Jul 21, Wendy F rated it it was amazing Shelves: She makes an incredible journey in this book. Now the whole idea sounded nice, where Douglas gets an unexpected bride, Alexandra, so I understood his temper at the beginning at being deceived, but I kept on getting frustrated as the novel went on because he kept comparing her to her beautiful sister Melissande and just humiliating her sometimes.

All in all, quite messy. It’s smart, witty, crass, sharp, bold and very sexy.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter.

The Bride Trilogy

The book to me seems quite aware that Douglas is being unreasonable and winks at bide reader. That said I will shfrbrooke the writing style was good. Alexandra Chambers, youngest daughter of the Duke of Beresford, has loved Douglas Sherbrooke since she was fifteen. I also didn’t appreciate how hung up he was on OW’s beauty even after he’d had sex with the heroine. I understand Tony and Melissande eloping, but Tony shouldn’t have picked someone else for Douglas.

He is solid, is James. Some people agreed with me [ I read this book several years ago and recently read it again for a book club. Lyon’s Gate Reading Order: When Grayson picks up the cuff, he is thrown catheirne a vision in a long ago past. Douglas SherbrookeAlexandra Chambers. She names herself Rosalind de la Fontaine since she cannot remember who she is. You wonder how these two will ever get together but they do come to an agreement about their marriage. And just when I thought she’s down for the count, she picks herself up, and boy does she come up brire Okay admitted, I love this MOC with carherine in love with H and H in love with OW trope, but I’m coming to realise how dangerous it is reading this trope – very few books get it just the way I want it.


When Ryder Sherbrooke finds a child n… More. Douglas is a complete jerk. She used to write well. The Prince of Ravenscar Reading Order: However, his mother is nothing if not persuasive, and Julian reluctantly accompanies her to London to meet the young lady. The thing is, it’s supposed to be a Historical Romantic Comedy, and if you remember sherbrkoke while you read it then you will see the same magic I do.

Oh yes, in the absolute best possible way. This book would probably not be written in the same way today, but that is okay to me. Why do I read these?

The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter — All About Romance

Catherinne, the same week he’s to be married, he’s given a mission in France, catherime he sends his cousin Tony to marry him to Melissane by proxy. Douglas treats her coldly and heaps some mild verbal abuse on her. I don’t remember disliking it as much then as I did this go around. Knowing Coulter’s style, I kind of expected it. I reviewed this book for my blog www. In rereading this story, I got reminded about shebrooke CC’s books appealed to me. I hope you enjoy reading about the exploits of Alexandra and Douglas as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Shelve The Brides Trilogy: Yeah, I hated him. A good dose of humor and a little intrigue added to it, and viola, we have a first-rate romance novel! In rereading my review of that book, I admit to being a bit harsh; however I still stand behind my words.

I read this book when it was first published in the early s. It was probably the sex cahherine. Write me and tell me how you liked The Courtship.

It’s the first in the Brides series. Georges and Douglas parted friends-at least Douglas believed that they had. Sadly, the idea that she grew up with these men and they gride learned to have a single ounce of respect for females made them even more disgusting. When he comes to himself, he has no memory of the missing day. To ask other readers questions about The Sherbrooke Brideplease sign up. But life never ladles out what one e Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, is a man besieged.

Alexandra Chambers, youngest daughter of the Duke of Beresford, has loved Douglas Sherbrooke since she was fifteen. The book was also written in the early s and the standards for relationships in romance books were very different.

He insults her lack of beauty, her clothes and anything else he can think of. I think I’m going to be sick.