Aluminum phosphide (ALP) is a cheap, easily available agricultural pesticide which causes lethal poisoning by liberation of phosphine and. Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning: Management and Prevention of AlP poisoning, mediated by phosphine and mechanism of action have not been established. Aluminium phosphide (AlP) is a cheap solid fumigant and a highly toxic pesticide that is commonly used for grain preservation. AlP has currently generated.

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The journal is multidisciplinary. Their systematic approach in publication of article in various categories is really praiseworthy. Indian J Forensic Med Toxicol.

Clin Toxicol ; 44 3: Fat and oil inhibit phosphine release from aluminium phosphide-its clinical implication. The health care provider must take personal protection measures, poisoniing full face mask and rubber gloves during decontamination. Histopathological findings of vital organs were found to be suggestive of cellular hypoxia.

Management of celphos poisoning with a novel intervention: A ray of hope in the darkest of clouds

Toxicity that occurs after inhalation is characterized by chest tightness, cough and shortness of breath. The quality of printing of figures and tables is excellent and comparable to any International journal. The reversibility of myocardial injury over few days was objectively assessed by repeated echocardiography.


Spot diagnosis of aluminium phosphide ingestion: Successful treatment of acute aluminium phosphide poisoning: A major concern in Iranian population.

J Forensic Leg Med. Fatal aluminium phosphide poisoning due to myocardial depression refractory to high dose inotropic support and intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation.

Aluminium phosphide poisoning

Spot diagnosis of aluminium phosphide ingestion-an application of simple test. The incidence was equal among working and the non-working population, highlighting the fact that the employment cepphos is not the only factor but rather it is the social and family factors which drive these people to celphs suicide. The multidisciplinary nature of the journal makes it a better platform to absorb all that is being researched and developed.

Suggestions Certain specific measures can be adopted to reduce the fatal episodes of AlP. During this period, strict and celphps monitoring of all vital parameters was done and treatment regimens were titrated according to the clinical condition of the patients. Dr Archana Dambal “Journal of clinical and diagnostic research is a welcome change in publishing practices.

Indian J Crit Care Med ; Cardiovascular manifestations of aluminium phosphide intoxication. In a critical evaluation and metaanalysis of the published studies showing usefulness of magnesium sulfate therapy in reducing mortality, Siwach et al.

Management of celphos poisoning with a novel intervention: A ray of hope in the darkest of clouds

The Journal poioning the Association of Physicians of India. Aluminum phosphide AlP is a cheap, effective and commonly used pesticide. Managing aluminum phosphide poisonings. Ramesh Babu ” Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research JCDR is a multi-specialty medical and dental journal publishing high quality research articles in almost all branches of medicine.


It has been suggested that phosphine leads to non-competitive inhibition of the cytochrome oxidase of mitochondria, blocking the electron transfer chain and oxidative phosphorylation, producing an energy crisis in the cells. Grover A, Bansal S: Clinical pharmacology of aluminium phosphide poisoning. Temporal correlation in ECG changes showed that during the initial 3—6 h, sinus tachycardia is predominant, in the 6—12 h period ST-T changes and conduction disturbances appear, while in the later period, arrhythmias occurred.

Management should be started as soon as history and clinical examination support AlP poisoning, and should not be delayed for the confirmatory diagnosis [ Figure 1 ]. Aluminium and zinc phosphide poisoning. Successful lipid resuscitation in multi-drug overdose with predominant tricyclic antidepressant toxidrome.