7 Apr Review: The Denon AVRCI A/V receiver justifies its lofty $ price tag with features, power and style head and shoulders above. DTS 96/24, DTS Neo:6, DTS decoder, DTS-ES Discrete , DTS-ES Matrix , DTS-HD decoder, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pro. : Denon AVRCI Channel Network Multi-Room Home Theater Receiver with HDMI a (Discontinued by Manufacturer): Electronics.

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Even the often-ailing bass is back to its former strength.

Denon AVR-4311CI AirPlay Receiver Preview

It is available on the AppStore free of charge. This allows for ednon and yet advanced selection of input sources, network content, zone control and more.

DTS-HD High Resolution Audio This format works like DTS however it uses a more effective compression algorithm, offering greater compression, the result is an audio signal almost bit for bit to the master while requiring a smaller amount of data.

With Star Trek on Bluray a firstrate demo scene’s opening battle sequence I know off by heart it all was becoming too considerate for me personally. This gives users a wide, highly realistic spatial expression at the left and right sides as well as the vertical and horizontal directions at the front, allowing for a truly rich 3D ambience of both video and sound.

With your installer you can custom edit the target curve including midrange compensation. You listen to music with your ears, not your ego. Two additional features have caught our attention. Unlike many manufacturers these days packing in more features and amplifier channels, Denon obviously didn’t compromise quality here as evident by the new AVRCI weight increase of 4lbs to accommodate a bigger power supply.

The Denon will supply three separate zones, has elegant and thorough on-screen menus and sets itself up commendably accurately via the supplied microphone. Denon Electronics Review Date: Physical Characteristics Width This channel, called Surround Back, places sounds behind the listener in addition to the currently available front left, front center, front right, surround right, surround left and subwoofer channels.

If this isn’t a home run of a product, we don’t know what is. According to my room measurements, all was rolling a little top end increase off, negating some mid-group reductions due to the one mic spot before the sound was punchy, tight and willing to rumble, and reducing a number of the upper bass guitar filters.


In a movie theater, film soundtracks that have been encoded with Dolby Digital surround EX technology are able to reproduce an extra channel which has been added during the mixing of the program.

Full Australian Warranty – Authorized Reseller Enjoy peace of mind when purchasing from Vision Living an authorised Reseller, as purchasing from an unauthorised Reseller means you may miss out on: Screen Technics – CinemaSnap Matrix White Fixed Frame – inch Black Powdercoat Frame Matrix White screen fabric combined with a fixed frame screen is specifically designed to enhance the viewing characteristics and colour saturation levels of the projection screen.

Click here for a detailed demo. I guess that means my girl is a genius. Will you feel like a new man the next day or will you feel like sitting in the shower, fully clothed, crying?

As Kirk is born amidst the turmoil, the Denon builds the tension with breathtaking realism, like the whole picture hangs off it, crafting each sound effect. Denon knows who you are and is trying to push you over the edge. It lets you enjoy various sources in the outstanding quality Denon is known for since years.

That LAN connection avd allows for web control, and there’s also an RSC serial port for custom integration with 3rd party whole home control systems. If we have one bad thing to say about Denon in general and the AVRCI specifically it’s that they keep exceeding our expectations.

A/V Receiver, Surround Sound | AVRCI | Denon

Now, the AVRCI has addressed most of our minor gripes with it’s predecessor, added features we didn’t even know existed, and did it all without changing the retail price.

Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod may affect wireless performance. A little too large in the bass What at first sounds like an excitingly chunky and forthright presentation is, before too long, revealed as a rather muscle-bound, bass-forward signature.


It lets users enjoy a wide variety of 43111 from either iPod, Network or other USB devices and is equipped with the latest HDMI connections 7 inputs, 2 outputs to fully support 3D video from attached 3D sources. See all our home cinema amp Best Buys.

Enjoy peace of mind when purchasing from Vision Living an authorised Reseller, as purchasing from an unauthorised Reseller means you may miss out on:. How do you compare two units if neither of them have been installed properly?

Denon AVR – Manual – AV Surround Receiver – HiFi Engine

But you know you’re not getting the latest features, the best amps, or all the current technology and components that are available. For more information go to; http: Judging from a picture, beefy unit well designed. My concern is about its little large bass. Dolby Digital consists of up to “5. The inclusion of two additional internal amplifier channels over the AVRCI’s predecessor makes this receiver a true 9. This is the first system to optimize and compensate the system for more than one listening location at the same time giving nearly every listener in the room a “sweet spot” no matter where they’re sitting.

Is any of this true? Well, there is a lot. This receiver will have all the features of its predecessor and a few you’ve and we’ve for that matter never heard of. AirPlay is limited however, in case your living room doesn’t seem to be an Apple shop.

And then, on top of that, Denon recently announced support for Apple AirPlay, the company’s new wireless audio protocol that will support multiple products across the board. Sound effects get a larger atmosphere of naturalism as well as large body.

Denon utilizes discrete amplification for all channels as you can see in the dual rows of heatsinks flanked by a deno E-core transformer at the center.