Eyrbyggja Saga, though not as epic as Njal’s Saga, Egil’s Saga and Laxdaela, is one of the most enjoyable of the Old Icelandic Sagas. It has both primitive and. 1. kafli. Ketill flatnefur hét einn ágætur hersir í Noregi. Hann var sonur Bjarnar bunu Grímssonar hersis úr Sogni. Ketill var kvongaður. Hann átti Yngveldi, dóttur . Story of the Ere−Dwellers (“Eyrbyggja Saga”). Anonymous translated by William Morris &Eirikr Magnusson. PREFACE. •. CHAPTER I: Herein Is Told How Ketil.

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Thorolf Most-Beard made a great sacrifice, and asked of Thor his well-beloved friend whether he should make eyrbyggia with the king, or get him gone from out the land and seek other fortunes. But thereof waxed much ill-will betwixt the twain, Bork and Snorri. There they laid Thorolf in howe strongly; and then Arnkel rode to Hvamm and took to himself all the goods that were heaped up there, and which his father had owned.

The Earl bade him go since he would, and bade him thus: Odd Katlason fared often to Mewlithe with Gunnlaug; but when they happened to go back late, Katla would often bid Gunnlaug to abide there at Holt, but he went home ever. Gunnlaug came not home in the evening, and folk talked it over that he should be searched for; but the search came not off.

Norway in the s. Then was he borne in and sxga clothes pulled off; he was all black and blue about the shoulders, and the flesh was falling from the bones.

Eyrbyggja Saga (Literature) – TV Tropes

There was a man hight Vestar, son of Thorolf Bladderpate; he brought to Iceland his father, a man well on in years, and took land west away from Whalefirth, and dwelt at Onward-ere. With that they turned back. After the Thing the chiefs on either side sat at home with many men about them, and much ill blood there was between them. But if thou wilt not do for me my desire, that shall cut our friendship atwain; and then each must do as he will in his own matter; and little avail will it be to thee then to grumble about my talk with Asdis.

He was a trustworthy man and a great seafarer, and had a ship afloat. But I see that these thy doings are by Vermund’s counsel; but no need will he have to egg me on wheresoever we brothers-in-law are in one place.

Episode 3: Eyrbyggja saga

So he went straightway to Arnkel, and told him of his scathe, and prayed for his warding, “else,” he gave out, “all would be gone by the board.

But that was not talked of over-well by other folk. That winter he spent at Cnear with Thord Walleye, his brother-in-law. Bork thought over that matter, and so deemed that Snorri would not have loose money to give for the land if he should have to redeem it speedily, and he laid the worth of half the land at sixty hundreds of silver, having first set aside the islands, because he thought that he should get them at but little price when Snorri should have set up house eyrbyygja home otherwhere.


The Mosfell Archaeological Project. Bork eyryggja inside of Eyolf, and then Snorri Thordis bare in dishes of grout to the board, and had spoons withal; but when she set one before Eyolf, one of the spoons szga down for her. That same morning Ulfar looked out early, and when he came eyrbuggja, the workmen asked him of the weather, but he bade them sleep on in peace.

But when that time came round Snorri gathered men, and rode up into Swanfirth with eighty men, because it was then the law to give out the summons for blood-guilt in the hearing of the slayers, or at their home, and not to summon the neighbours till the Thing.

The saga was most likely written in its entirety in the mid- or lateth century, but historians have not yet been able to pinpoint an exact date.

Then was Mar’s wound bound up, and thereafter Snorri set out with six men to Drapalith. Arnbiorn had the stirring-stick in his hand, and therewith he smote at Thorleif and caught him on the neck, and the blow was not great, but whereas the porridge eyrgyggja hot, Thorleif was scalded on eytbyggja neck.

After the death of Thorolf Halt-foot many folk deemed it worse to be abroad as soon as the sun was getting low. That summer came out a ship to the Salteremouth: Thorleif Kimbi was two winters in Norway, and then went saba to Iceland with the same chapmen as he had fared out with.

I deem that they will be to thee hard and high-minded as soon as thou hast aught to deal with them. But when the folk from the south side of the heath rode south from the meeting, Thord Walleye asked Biorn how things had gone ssga the talk betwixt him and Thurid of Frodis-water. But when King Harald knew that Thorolf Mostbeard had harboured Biorn Ketilson the king’s outlaw, then sent he men to see him and bade him begone from his lands, and fare as an outlaw even as Biorn his friend, but if he come and meet eyrbyygja king and lay the whole matter in his hand.

But this handselling misliked the sons of Thorbrand, because they deemed that to them belonged all the goods after Ulfar their freedman, and much ill-will arose here from between Arnkel and Thorbrand’s sons. And at that Thing was one of the holiest of steads, but there men were not forbidden to go their errands.

Withal he let make a homestead on the ness near to where had been the Thing. As Thurid, Kiartan and the guests are dining and sitting about the fire, Thorir and his followers entered the house eyrybggja shake their dirty clothes all over the house, throwing mud on the guests.

Now when Snorri and his folk came to the garth, it is not told that any words befell there, but straightway they set on Arnkel, and chiefly with spear-thrust, which Arnkel put from him with the sledge-runner, and many of the spear-shafts were broken thereby, nor was Arnkel wounded; but when they had spent their shot-weapons, then Thorleif Kimbi ran at the garth and leapt up on to it with sword drawn, and Arnkel smote at him with the sledge-runner, and Thorleif dropped down away from the stroke out of the garth, and the runner smote against the garth wall, and up therefrom flew a piece of frozen turf; but the sledge-runner was broken at the mortice, and part thereof eyrbyggjs out over the garth.

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Arnkel prayed him to do so much for his word as to atone for that hay. Retrieved from ” eyrbyggj So the rumour ran that it was Snorri the Priest who sent that man for Arnkel’s head, but Snorri made as if the eyrhyggja had nought to do with him, and let folk say what they would. He was a married man, and his wife was called Aud; Gudny was his sister, whom Vermund the Slender had to wife. At that time dwelt Thorir Wooden-leg at Ernknoll, and his sons Ern and Val were grown up by then, and were the hopefullest of men.

Now when Arnkel met Ulfar, he told him of Thorolf’s answer; but Ulfar deemed that Arnkel had followed up his case coldly, and said that he might have had his way with his father if he had chosen to do so. Boydell Press; Rochester, New York, In that ring stands the stone of Thor over which those men were broken who were sacrificed, and the colour of the blood on that stone is yet to be seen.

They wrought Bareserkgang, eyrbyggjq were not of the fashion of men when they were wroth, but went mad like dogs, and feared neither fire nor steel; but their daily wont was to be not ill to deal with, if nought was done to cross them; but they were straightway the most overreckless of men if anyone should beard them.

There fell men of either side, the most of the Kiallekings; and a many were hurt. So when Snorri came to Lairstead, no greetings there were betwixt them, and then Snorri summoned Thorarin and all those who had been at the swga, to the Thorsness Thing. So when they met, Cunning-Gils prayed to see the sword, and flattered Ulfar much, and said he was a great man, since he was deemed worthy to have such seemly gifts from chiefs.

But in the night, when Thorbiorn looked out, he found Gunnlaug his son before the door; and there he lay witless withal.