Now that the Axis Institute for World Domination has been blown up; the founder, Dr. Phineas Darkkon, has died; and Prosper English (who enrolled Cadel in the. Readers who loved Evil Genius will find this sequel as gripping, devilish and wonderfully dark as its predecessor. What made that first book so. Will Genius Squad be the answer to all Cadel’s prayers? Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane in and grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea.

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And he’s under constant threat from Prosper English – the criminal mastermind he helped to put in gaol. I liked how he knew that he should not hide any facts from Cadel just because he is a kid – he was open and honest with him something I can’t say for Cadel but then again he is a kid, genius or not and that scene in the park when he informs Cadel of the assassination plot against Prosper English is one of my favourite scenes. Their relationship is one of my favorite parts of this book.

My brother made the point that the other kids seem only to be gifted in their respective specialised fields while Cadel is more of a ‘street smart’ genius. Temporarily unavailable from this website, please try another retailer. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The events unfolded in the book had many twists and turns that made me breathless in anticipation for what would happen next.

However, I enjoyed it, mostly because I can’t help but root for Cadel, who’s trying to be a good person, despite l I found this enjoyable, and I like that Catherine Jinks doesn’t write at an extremely low reading level, even though this book is oriented towards kids. He has to stay alive so he can testify against Prosper English.

Cadel took down the Institute, Phineas Darkkon died, the other members disappeared and Prosper English waits in jail for trial. The moment we had that scene between Saul, Fiona and Cadel I looked up and told my brother – they are going to get married and adopt him huh? His destructive behavior puts Cadel as a constant target and he has limited access to the family computer.


There were a few terms I was unsure of, but the words don’t really take away much from the story. Each page builds up suspense that culminates into a surprise scenario that will leave you scrambling to catch up. The adults can be condescending and almost rude, which I believe would be most likely the reaction adults would have, if confront with childeren who think they geniuus better or who do know better than they do.

He can take all the various possibilities into account and has a very cynical outlook on everything which makes it hard to fool him. Last time I found it fascinating to read about this amoral character – because that is what dquad was: Cadel Piggott is a pretty fascinating protagonist: Refresh and try again.

It’s still a ripping read, though. Catherine writes whenever she gets a moment and could write for eight hours straight if she geenius the chance. The hero is bullied by the police to give up all he knows about his father, and he’s willing to do that, but he’s also terrified that his father will escape A great boy book, this is also–for all its evil-genius-trying-to-capture-his-maybe-computer-genius-son–an excellent picture of foster care and its problems, including the lack of resources available for any type of kid, be they gifted caherine computer genius, lifetime criminal, emotionally disturbed kids, and those with severe birth defects.

In the first book he was incredibly cool and calm and collected – maybe it’s easier to be a bit of a psychopath when there’s no one in your life you really care about. Cadel is taken to the cattherine of Judith, one of the other members of Genius squad.

There’s a lot of technical stuff in these books, and it can be difficult to follow these cyber attacks, people manipulations, and spying. Not only because of the chase but because you come to appreciate just where Cadel has learnt his genius ways from. Devoted to bringing down one of Dr. Nov 02, Kim rated it liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. And, unlike Cadel, she could draw no comfort from the prospect of release, because her incarceration was permanent.

She has a BA Hons in medieval history and gets her ideas from everywhere, particularly good science fiction films. Cadels einzige Freundin Sonja kann er zwar ab und zu sehen, aber auch nicht oft. Nov 12, Rooh rated it liked it Shelves: For gods sakes, don’t give him a home and a stable life until the very end!


A fun follow-up to Evil Genius, where there is cleverness and fun and danger, and it all works out, sort of. Books by Catherine Jinks.

Genius Squad

But Cadel is naturally suspicious and paranoid. But he also did a fair bit of whining and fatherine when I could have sworn he was more mature than that for his age. How exhausted she is! He learns to become compassionate because of her and to think of others.

This is by far my favorite book in the series.

Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata. And I don’t like books ending in syrup. Tja und dann Saul. I loved the two new characters, Saul and Fiona, that were introduced in this book even cztherine they made the ending utterly predictable.

Genius Squad – Wikipedia

In diesem Teil war dies nicht mehr der Fall. This book deserves a wider audience than this cover will attract. Or in this case, a group of kids.

Apr 05, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: How i genuus this book! I won’t go into all the specifics, but this genius squad does add some suspense and mystery to the plot.

From toCatherine studied at the University of Sydney, graduating with an honours degree in medieval history. The book gets a little boring at times, especially when Jinks spend a lot of paragraphs talking about hacking which is definitely not as entertaining as, but definitely more realistic than, hacking montages in movies or TV series. Everyone else believes it to cathernie accommodation for hard done by kids while in reality it is a cover for bringing together jniks kids to take down an organisation.