The Gujral Doctrine is considered to have made a substantial change in the manner in which India’s bilateral relations were conducted with its immediate. Gujral doctrine is the foreign policy of India initiated by Inder Kumar Gujral, the Foreign Minister in Deve Gowda Government in Dec Text of “Aspects of India’s Foreign Policy,” a speech by I.K. Gujral at the Bandaranaike Center For International Studies in Colombo, Sri Lanka on January

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We feel that the difficulties faced by various sections of some of the specifically affected populations can be better addressed when there is no conflict raging in the backdrop. Friends, The turn of a century is a kind of natural punctuation mark in human affairs and prompts us to take stock of change that has taken place. That was the essence of Gandhiji’s message and mankind will have to appreciate it in order to see and act clearly Chairperson of the Planning Commission — And finally, they will settle all their disputes through peaceful bilateral negotiations.

I am sure that they would also lead to a climate of greater confidence and close and mutually benign cooperation in our region, where the weight foctrine size of India is seen positively.

All the South Asian countries will respect each other’s sovereignty and integrity and will help each others to cope up with any natural and economic crisis. Our earliest interaction with the outside world was naturally driven by these values.

The Gujral Doctrine | Stimson Center

No dispute, however much entangled with rival national ethos, must remain outside the ambit of dialogue. Minister for New and Renewable Energy Dr. We now seek new ways of cooperation and plans for unleashing the energies latent in our societies.


Naturally, this was in a moment of leisure. You might well know of the offer of a dialogue we made to Pakistan soon after our Government took office. Subsequent to the electionwhen the United Front government was formed under the premiership of H. gujarl

Gujral doctrine

This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat The report is full of recycled news. Internally, conflicts of a communal and of an ideological nature; externally, mutual suspicion and distrust; generally, difficulties, political, economic, administrative and strategic. Shankar Dayal Sharma K.

Essence of Gujral Doctrine: Let us wait till then to know who was involved in the dastardly act. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India”. It has not broken swords into ploughshares, but it may indeed do so if it is practiced for another two or three years.

For us in India, the 20th century has been an era of profound change. We also seek a more peaceful and secure world for all through genuine and comprehensive disarmament including the total elimination of nuclear weapons. A n important thrust of the Dotrine Doctrine is to help South Asia to expand its relationship with neighbouring regions.

Just as we had fought for freedom and a just and egalitarian society for ourselves, so too did we seek an end to colonialism everywhere and just and egalitarian world order. Gujral Doctrine is considered as a milestone in India’s foreign policy. If it were so easy to break the United Front, then it will be called the disunited front. What is Electoral Bond?

The Gujral Doctrine

Third Principle of Panchsheel- Mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs 4. We are of Asia and the peoples of Asia are nearer and closer to us than others. I am hundred per cent confident of that.

The turn of a century is a kind of natural punctuation mark in human affairs and prompts us to take stock of change that has taken place. Today, more than ever, there is need for the developing countries of the world dctrine have a much greater voice within the councils of the UN.


We have spoken in every international body during every debate of any consequence to express our view point and our voice of moderation and reason has invariably been heard and respected. Indian threat perceptions of Pakistan and China have been reduced significantly.

The chasm did not disappear even as India sent to Sri Lanka a peace-keeping force at the explicit request of the Sri Lankan President. Gujral was a member of the Club de Madrid after his tenure as the Prime Minister ended.

Gujral doctrine | Indian politics |

We do not believe that any one model of democracy can lay claim to superiority or perfection. We were also amongst those who pioneered the concept of Non-Alignment, a movement which today embraces over countries in its fold.

Minister of External Affairs — The last principle is an echo of one of the five or six principles of Chinese diplomacy that Chinese President, Doctfine Zemin, unfolded in a statement before the Pakistan Senate while on a visit to Islamabad in December Grand Strategy in Pivotal Places. Farooq Abdullah offered his condolences and said Gujral was “a politician, a diplomat and a humanist who would be remembered for his many accomplishments in the diplomatic and political arena;” while Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilisers Srikant Kumar Jena said Gujral had an “exceptional personality, bujral and intellect” and that: I am firmly of the view that these are the very principles that should form the basis of an international order where different nations have to co-exist and cooperate to build a better future for our coming generations.