A Ruger SP is likely in my future. I learned of a series of books called IBOK’s ( Iowegan’s Books of Knowledge). They used to be available for. I bought a new SP a few days ago, did the IBOK action smoothing, and then decided to try giving it a mirror polish. I have a lot of experience. Post subject: SP mods. Post . He re-did the IBOK, removed the offending schematic and added LOTS more pics and now he charges for it.

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The SP101 Club

Ruger revolvers are great but unfortunately they are much underestimated in Europe. Search Media New Media. You sp011 only use – grit sandpaper and polishing compound.

Grab the strut assembly and pull it out of the gun. Well I have finally gotten one. Blow it out with compressed air. First of all it thrills me that the article helped you and get you back into shooting. If you examine the firing pin protrusion with the trigger pulled and the hammer pushing the transfer bar forward, you will get a false indication of protrusion.

Wed Aug 11, 9: Grips are interchangeable between all models and are also the same as Ruger Super Redhawk grips. Staying with the stock trigger return spring is best.


Ruger SP101 IBOK

Preparation If you plan to install shims, measure the gap between each side of ihok hammer and trigger before you begin disassembly see below.

As the trigger is pulled, the trigger extension cams s101 hammer back until the hammer dog slips off the trigger extension and is picked up by the DA sear.

If you see machine marks, low spots, or any corruption, the forcing cone should be chamfered with a reamer. Nov 24, 1.

Ruger SP IBOK | Kel-Tec Owner’s Group – The Community for Kel-Tec Shooters

The purpose of the hammer strut assembly is to contain the mainspring and provide a means to push the hammer forward.

I was on my hands and knees looking for it. Trigger is fully forward and at rest. He is a master gunsmith and specializes in Rugers.

It was definitely lighter but I was concerned about light primer stikes because the hammer didn’t hit very hard when I pulled the trigger so I switched to the 12lb spring, which is the next lightest after the stock mainspring. Amazed how well the sp responded to the easy to do polish and 11 hammer spring. This unique system allows the front sight to be changed in seconds by pushing in the front sight plunger and lifting the sight out of the channel.


After grinding the edges, I used sand paper like a shoe-shine rag from course to fine, then Mother’s Mag Wheel Polish to slick up the exposed portion of the trigger. Lots of power in a very small, concealable, controllable package. GP Trigger Pull said. Remove any galls and clean the channels inside the frame. This requires using a Range Ibko and a calibrated cartridge case. Last Jump to page: Most of the parts are contained by push-out pins or spring-loaded plungers and a mere 3 screws.

That was the reason that I kept searching. When the cylinder is closed and latched, the rear of the cylinder is secured by the center pin rod in the hole of the frame under tension of the ejector spring.

Harbec55Dec 18, It can be improved with a “trigger job”. I am curious if the newer models are made differently from the obok ones. This is a very usefull information! I just wanted to add a note of appreciation to Iowegan for sharing this knowledge.