Few political terms have such a hazy and imprecise definition in popular discourse as “Zionism.” In part, this is due to the political agenda. Auto-Emancipation has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. A literature on the psychosis of Jew-hatred. Leon Pinsker: Auto-emancipation and self-help In September , a pamphlet entitled “Auto-emancipation! An appeal to his people by a Russian Jew ”.

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Yair Esrubilsky rated it it was amazing Jul 21, In the life of nations, as in the life of individuals, there are vital moments which rarely recur, and which, according as they are utilized or not utilized, decisively affect their future.

It is true that those happy ones who attained their national independence were not Jews. To ask other readers questions about Auto-Emancipationplease sign up. Every one who has the slightest judgment can see at first glance that the purchase of lands in America would, because of the swift rise of that country, not be a risky, but a lucrative enterprise.

This tract might form a small territory in North America, or a sovereign Pashalik in Asiatic Turkey recognized by the Porte and the other Powers as neutral. Under the most favorable circumstances we reach the rank of goats, which are mated in Rus- sia with race-horses.

Intelligent and rich in experience, we are as short- 23 sighted and thoughtless as children; we have had no time to reflect and ask ourselves whether this autto race, or rather this mad rout, will ever come to an end. To be robbed as a Jew or to be protected as a Jew is equally humiliating, equally destructive to the self-respect of the Jews.

At first glance, our building would appear from this standpoint to be a house of cards to divert children and wits.

Texts Concerning Zionism: “Auto-Emancipation”

Pinsker’s new perspective also led to his involvement in the development of the Jewish nationalist group Hovevei Zionwhich he chaired. When thousands were seeking new homes we forgot emanvipation provide for that which no villager forgets when he desires to move — the small matter, forsooth, of a new and suitable dwelling. Nevertheless, this phenomenon has its basis rooted deep in human nature.

He who tries to prove too much proves nothing at all. The Jews are not a nation be- cause they lack a certain distinctive national character, possessed by every other nation, a character which is determined by living together in one country, under one rule.

National w hich we are about to purchase must be productive and have a good situa-?! Its selection is, of course, of the first and highest importance, and must not be left to off-hand decision or to certain preconceived sympathies of individuals, as has, alas, happened lately.


This issue of Auto-Emancipation is based on the second edition of the English translation by Dr. Only then, and not before, should the directorate, together with an associated body of capitalists, as founders of a stock company later to be organized, acquire a tract of land sufficient for the settlement, in the course of time, of several million Jews.

Under the pressure of the hostile world we have lost in the course of our long exile all self-confidence, all initiative.

This is due to the fact that it is not merely a problem of theoretic interest, but one of prac- tical interest, which renews its youth from day to day, as it were, and presses more and more imperatively for a solution. Introduction to “The History of Zionism, “. The severe tests which they have endured have now produced a reaction which points to something other than fatalistic submission to a punishment inflicted by i the hand of God.

In the great, wide world there was no place for us. The lack of national self-respect and self-confidence of political initiative and of unity, are the enemies of our national renaissance.

Of course, we have not the genius of a Moses — history does not grant such leaders repeatedly. But how can we find that haven without Uccasion sen jj n g ou j- an expedition? They would aim chiefly and especially at creating a secure and inviolable home for the surplus of those Jews who live as proletarians in the different countries and are a burden to the native citizens.

This view is all the more important as showing that we should at length come to believe that polemics are useless bickering, and abstain from it as a waste of time and energy, for against superstition even the gods fight vainly. Therefore, the selection of a permanent, national land, meeting all requirements, must be made with every precaution and confided to one single body, through a committee of experts selected from our directorate.

We must not shut our eyes to this natural force which works like every other elemental force; we must take it into account. Whether this act of national self-help on our part might turn out profitably or otherwise, however, is of little consequence as compared with the great significance which such an undertaking would have for the future of our unsettled people; for our future will remain insecure and precarious unless a radical change in our position is made.

If one considers that in the last thirty- eight emancpiation the population of the United States of America emandipation risen emancpiation, seventeen millions to fifty millions, and that the increase in population for the next forty years will probably continue in the same proportion, we can well understand that immediate action is necessary, if we do not desire to eliminate for all time the possibility of establishing in the New World a secure refuge for our 1 unhappy brethren.


We must use all the resources which human intellect and human experience have devised, instead of leaving our national regeneration to blind chance. We believe that a nucleus for this beginning already lies at hand in the existing societies. We are no more justified in leaving our national fortune in the hands of the other peoples than we are in making them responsible for our national misfortune.

We probably lack a leader of the genius of Moses — his- tory does not grant a people suctTguides repeatedly. Hence the problem is to find means of so adjusting the relations of this exclusive element to the whole body of the nations that there shall never be any further basis for the Jewish Question. Eviatar marked it as to-read Jul punsker, In the wide, wide world there was no place for us. Mean- emancipatio the Jewish refugees are being “repatriated’ 9 with the very money that was collected to assist emigra- tion.

“Auto-Emancipation” (Leon Pinsker)

Seeking to maintain our material existence, we were compelled aufo often to forget our moral dignity. Happily, affairs are, now in a somewhat differ- ent position.

Now, if this distinction is drawn even against the foreigner of equal birth, how harsh- ly is it insisted upon, in reference to the eternally alien Jew! Our tragedy is that we can neither live nor die.

The nations have never to deal with a Jewish nation but always with mere Jews. The great ideas of the eighteenth century have not passed by our people without leaving a trace. It is everywhere considered natural that he should fight for these interests, alone or in conjunction with others. We need nothing but a large tract of land for our poor brothers, emancipatkon shall remain our property and from which no foreign power can pinsoer us.

They acquired, or persuaded themselves that they had acquired certain cosmopolitan tendencies which could appeal to others no more than they could bring satis- faction to the Jews themselves. Judeophobia is a psychic aberration. But this is not possible. All becomes quiet round about, and our beneficent brothers in the West betake themselves comfortably to repose. To the Jews, however, he will say: He is more like a beggar; and what beggar is welcome? There is no such equality in the nations’ dealings with the Jews.