Diffraction of Light 6. Mirrors 7. Lenses 8. Optical Equipments 9. Light as Electromagnetic Waves. Literature. Lepil. O., Kupka, Z.: Fyzika pro gymnázia – Optika. Lepil. O., Kupka, Z.: Fyzika pro gymnázia – Optika, ; SVOBODA, Emanuel. Přehled středoškolské fyziky. 4. uprav. vyd. Praha: Prometheus, s. Fyzika pro gymnázia: fyzika mikrosvěta. 3., přeprac. vyd. Praha: Prometheus, s. ISBN info; LEPIL, Oldřich. Fyzika pro gymnázia: optika.

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World Scientific Publishing, []. The University of Chicago Press, Development fictive- emotive components personalities factors molding and level themselves – conception and themselves – evaluation, emocionalita and moral sense of, volitional processes, autoregulation and politics.

This question has strong motivational potential for students. The main purpose of photometry is to measure visible radiation in a manner that corresponds to human eye perception.

Recent acquisitions – Slovanka | Fyzikální ústav Akademie věd ČR

Seminar of the American Society for Metals Talk, checklists and themselves assessment scales analysis word manifestations and results activities.


Vivid and operating method education. Social group structure, dynamism. The 11th international conference on Physics in collision Presentation Assessment methods Oral exam.

Izdatel’stvo Leningradskogo universiteta, Purposes psychological diagnosticians pupil. Aspects at under consideration cognitive presumptions, print laterality and their influence over school achievement.

Possibilities cultivation communications skill. There are a lot of interesting experiments that can be performed with a luxmeter in a classroom.

Lectures in applied mathematics; Volume 21 Akce: Sebastian, Rick Ubic, Heli Jantunen. Common rating points childhood, development intellectually- identification function in childhood and pre – puberty characteristic changes and qualities civosti, sensation, attention, memoirs, imagination and thinking.

Authority teacher and schoolmaster.

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Sorts teaching habituace, sensitization, classical condition, orchestration condition, vtisteni, exploracni behaviour, social teaching.

Teaching and cognitive development generation habits, adoption education and skill, “intellective” teaching: International series opti,a monographs on physics; Volume 42 Electromagnetic phenomena in matter: Les Houches, Francie 42 Quantum physics.

Repair and autonomy schools and education in CR. Work and social pedagogic meaning J. Other applications Course Catalogue Information System.


Manners upbringing child pupil. Your request to send this item has been completed. Compare your measured values to the values given by government standards EN Vl – Eye spectral sensitivity [1]. Login Verso Webmail Site map Employees.

Illuminance in my working place, influence of a lampshade on illuminance, illuminance at your home, illuminance at school, the dependence of illuminance on time after a fluorescent light has been turned on, comparison opti,a classic and power-saving light sources, light in outdoor places.

Fyzika pro gymnázia. Optika

The condition for succesfull result of the state examination is succesful pass of three parts which optiks composed of. Education, education, class and teaching. Reflection and Refraction of Light 3.