The scale is composed of 24 items divided into 2 subscales, 13 concerning performance anxiety, and 11 pertaining to social situations. 26 Mar The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) was the first evaluation The score equal to or greater than 32 is suggested as a cutoff score for the. 24 Mar The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) is a widely used The original LSAS model implied by the scoring instructions yields seven.

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In sczle three cases, excellent areas under the curves were found, being greater than 0. Regarding the cutoff scores, those which presented the best balance between the evaluated parameters were similar between the C and NC groups and between the SC and NC groups, as can be seen in Table 3.

It was also found that phenelzine was associated with LSAS scores that had post-treatment scores with standard deviations at least half higher than patients in placebo treatment.

Liebowitz social anxiety scale – Wikipedia

In relation to the definition of the cutoff scores, the intervals between 32 and 39 for the discrimination between C and NC, and 30 to 35 for SC and NC, were those with the best balance of the evaluated parameters.

They were included only after their agreement and signing of anciety terms of informed consent. J Cross Cult Psychol20 4: Psychometric properties of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale.

Social phobia in Brazilian university students: The LSAS was originally conceptualized as a clinician-administered rating scale, but has since been validated as a self-report scale.

They also found significant differences in the scores for some sub-scales total fear between males and females. This was seen only in relation to the age variable, where a small difference was found between the C and NC groups, with a higher mean age in the C scal compared to the NC group.

American Psychiatric Press; The results found were excellent regardless of the technique used, highlighting the discriminatory capacity of the LSAS-SR.

Liebowitz social anxiety scale

Identification Questionnaire This questionnaire is composed of 16 items aimed at the sociodemographic characterization of the participants. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale: Self-reported expression of embarrassment in five European cultures. Statistical package for the social sciences Release Socail Med29 1: This reduced instrument consists of three of the 17 items of the SPIN items 6, 9, 15which proved, in the psychometric study, to be the most discriminative for participants with SAD.

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 4th ed. In Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 4th ed. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. For the discrimination between the SC and NC groups the interval between scores 30 and 35 showed the most acceptable balance, with sensitivity values greater than 0. To discriminate between the SAD case participants and those with subclinical SAD, the interval between scores 39 and 45 was indicated, since this presented a satisfactory scalf between the parameters analyzed, with sensitivity and specificity both above 0.

Nature and treatment of social anxiety disorders 2nd ed. Scores in this range often are accompanied by great distress and difficulty in social functioning, and are also commonly seen in persons entering treatment for sccoring generalized type of SAD. When the discomfort is only generated in certain situations, it can be classified as circumscribed [ 1 ]. Open in a separate window. It is commonly used to study outcomes in clinical trials and, more recently, to evaluate the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral treatments.

Despite the specific sample used in this study being composed only of university students, the use of the LSAS-SR can be indicated, in the Brazilian setting, for SAD screening in both clinical and research contexts. PLosOne8 7: Similarly, those individuals who had been diagnosed with generalized SAD, which is characterized by the presence of fear and avoidance in various social situations, presented higher scores than those patients with circumscribed SAD, who show symptoms of the disorder in specific situations, reinforcing previously encountered data [ 29 ].

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale

Please review our privacy policy. To answer these questions, the aim of this study was to examine the discriminant validity sfale find the LSAS-SR cutoffs for the Brazilian population, with a clinical sample of SAD cases, non-cases and subclinical sale.


Regarding the discrimination between the clinical groups, the group C participants presented a mean score significantly higher, in scring the total score and in the scores of the subscales, than the SC group, with both groups presenting higher means than the NC group.

Depress anxiety16 4: The demographic and clinical data of the sample were analyzed using descriptive and parametric statistical tests. Conclusion Despite the specific sample used in this study being composed only of university students, the use of the LSAS-SR can be indicated, in the Brazilian setting, for SAD screening in both clinical and research contexts. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. Area under the ROC curve.

Rev Bras Psiquiatr Behaviour Research and Therapy.

Depress Anxiety26 1: Furthermore, European studies have presented a great difference in relation to the cutoff score suggested, perhaps because they were conducted in very different countries from the cultural point of view, such as Spain [ 7 ] and Turkey [ 14 ]. Psychometric properties of the French version”.

The scale is composed of 24 items, scored on a Likert-type scale of four points, on two subscales related to the fear and the avoidance of different social situations experienced in the previous week. Nova Science Publishers; For example, in certain cultures, they are viewed as positive aspects because the individual is considered introspective, a highly valued characteristic, especially anxuety the Eastern cultures [ 30 ].

The capacity of the LSAS-SR to discriminate between the different participants according to the variables gender, sample group and subtype of the disorder SAD generalized or circumscribed was also verified, with the results presented in Table 5.

Currently, the LSAS is the instrument most used worldwide for the evaluation of signs and symptoms of SAD, especially in clinical studies scoringg 1819 ]. It was proposed as a clinician-administered scale consisting of 24 items, on two subscales, which evaluate the socal of fear and the avoidance of social situations experienced by the individual in the previous week.