Complete set of 5 volumes The Poem of the Man God by Maria Valtorta. Volume 1 has tanning and a dent at the corner (not bad at all). Volume 5 has a name. December 25, 3. The book, The Poem of the Man-God, by Maria Valtorta: Medjugorje visionary Marija (Pavlovic) Lunetti went before Our Lady . 25 Nov Falsifications of Scripture and preview of errors of Vatican II in The Poem of the Man God by Maria Valtorta.

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It just adds colour and personality – you see Jesus as he really was. People often came to visit her, to be strengthened and encouraged by her kind words and her gentle smile. Long is the way we shall have to cover together, because I was not spared any sorrow: Want to Read saving…. The Eucharist as the greatest miracle.

Poem of The Man-God by Maria Valtorta (5 volumes)

His mimeographed papers in English were sent above all to the United States, where the English edition of the Work was enjoying success. The greatest book ever written and that’s saying something. I never knew there were any other works of Maria Valtorta published until I read what you had written. An attractive small volume containing thirty four prayers and meditations. Jesus lays His hand on her head and says only: Blessed Mari Maria Taigi.

Roschini, OSM This is an account of the life of The Virgin Mary to edify those who wish to better know their Heavenly Mother in her historical daily life as well as in her extraordinary mystical life.


Beginning inthe Valtorta family was living in Florence. It was for our own generation that this exceptional gift was given.

But we shall remain for ever united through the miracle that I will now work. As I am the Merciful One, I shall be able to put also the scented honey of more serene contemplations before your lips, og by My sorrow. Then he repeated Your speech to me and he told me that You cured him, touching him with Your hand, without any disgust.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Gifts of nature and mystical gifts harmoniously joined og explain this masterpiece of Italian religious literature, and perhaps I should say this masterpiece of literature of the Christian world.

The Poem Of The Man God by Maria Valtorta

ClaraEV – favorite favorite favorite favorite – March 25, Subject: As we all know, heaven is for the pure in heart and those who have been purified of demon and flesh. Your are, we are, flesh and blood with a spirit.

I have read all five volumes more than ten times I completely agree with the “Description. Hi Glenn Dellaire, I have to agree with you as Jesus said, concerning the Law of God, “do as they say, but not as they do”.

The Poem Of The Man God

This is actually paraphrased. While she was alive, with the collaboration of her spiritual director and the blessing of her bishop, some little volumes had been published in which were collected the interior locutions which the Lord had suggested to her; they had such success and had done much good.


I see Your mantle Migliorini had displayed the nature of these pages as “divine revelation” which, detached from the context of the Work, could have been provocative in their originality, above all for those times. I hold that the Work demands a supernatural origin. It is an approval which for us begins to have an ecclesial value, because it shows that the people of God, which the Church is, has recognized this Work like the disciples of Emmaus recognized the Lord and could not detach themselves from Him.

Valtorta Publishing –

The third year of the Public Life of Jesus. For those who began to read them, there was an immediate impact on their spiritual lives and the level of commitment souls were mn to go in seeking Christ. The humility of those entrusted with God made man is astounding.

Union in the hearts of Jesus and Mary, Glenn. It is true that I said you must be prudent as serpents, but not humanly prudent. That You are the health of bodies and of souls. But her withdrawal from the world was still remote.

I have read 4 volumes, and still read the fifth volume now.

Unlike the Bible, that only explain the events that are happening, Maria’s book will tell you far more detailed things about Jesus’s life.