26 Mar In this article we discuss how to integrate ECATT with QTP (UFT). Found a nice article for integrating ECATT & MERCURY QTP. Read the full. 20 Sep This video tutorial introduces Flight Reservation Application which is used for hands-on in the succeeding tutorials_. 24 Sep HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. Learn everything about QTP/UFT including descriptive programming.

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Mercury Timer QTP

Guys i need one info. Jatinder on June 8, at If you need any help with logistics etc you can always mail me. Anonymous on June 11, at Dev on January 27, at I m in doubt??? Ankur, Can mercur send me or put the QTP student handbook on your site?


UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Subscribe to get free updates on UFT! I am greatful to this blog. I have an image of win object. Hi Ankur, I am using your blog since 1 month, and it is soo much awasome, informative, Up to markā€¦: I was unaware about QTP.

This is a shame. Geetanjali on January 6, at I just downloaded QTP 9.

Rational robot Interview Questions. During my recording,I have entered a value for the price as You can connect with me on twitter ajonit.

Could you please ask your query at http: Please help on this. Thank You, Keep it up!!!! It was designed by Mercury Interactive and later on acquired by HP.

Anonymous on August 1, at Now I want to learn automation tools QTP and Quality center on my own within week time and I should be able to attend the Interview within a week. You r helping us a lot.!! Your email address will not be published. Anonymous on July 4, at Madhavi on August 7, at However now I am feeling that I have learnt the basic concepts. I am strucked in creating the functions. But I am unable to download the demo version of qtp from Hp site.


UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

Hi Ankur, How are you? Cloud Computing Photoshop Digital Marketing. I am trying to record and run with the Record and run settings as.

Renuka on May 5, at A timer is automatically created when it is first used.