21 Dec They also say investigating Oromo society without considering the Gadaa System is merely like a man walking without a skeleton. In fact, many. Moral values in the Oromo Gada system: an ethno-philosopical reflection. 9 Apr Definition. The Gadaa system is an indigenous egalitarian democratic system practiced among the Oromo nation of East Africa for the last six.

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All activities and life of each and every member of the Oromo was guided by an egalitarian socio- economic and political structure of the society called the Gada system.

The Europeans provided the Abysinian chieftains with then modern fire arms and military advisors sjstem put the Oromo at a great dis-advantage.

At forty years of the gada cycle i. Here we can see the enormous contribution of Qaalluu institution in Oromo’s politics. Hence, Gadaa is instrumental in examining and understanding the cultural and historical experience of the Oromo people. Palgrave Macmillan, New York. The major activity of the Gada Assembly can be described as legislative. The late Donald Levine has said [4] that Gadaa is “one of the most complex systems of social organization ever devised by the human imagination”.

Even the Abba Gada, gaea of the Gada executive branch, if accused of violating laws and regulations, could be impeached, tried and uprooted buqisu from office before official tenure and replaced by one of the members of his class. In genera Kallachaa is a symbol of peace and reconciliation. Whereas, among the Borana-Oromo, the general assembly takes place once in eight in the middle of the term of office of dystem leader. Males are essential for the fertility of female: Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio- political system of the Oromo Name of the element in the language and script of the community concerned: This transition rite is an isolation ritual which followed by election and proclamation of young Gada leaders which is purely political.?


Unique Features of Oromo Gada Governance System | Endale Alemu –

In the Gadaa System both Kallachaa and Caaccuu are the ritual materials used for demonstration of the Oromo society at large. It was purely invented by the Oromo and it is one of the most remarkable political systems which was highly democratic with effective legislative and judicial institutions. Orkmo publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. Decisions over the use of common resources and the settlement of disputes are reached after thorough discussions and deliberation.

It is not openly possessed and publicized to see and significant to ensure peace in resolution process. It is a term loosely used for so many varied concepts that it has not any single meaning. Those elected young Gada councilors and other members of the class in their syxtem and early thirties marry at this stage.

Ethiopian Journal of the Social Sciences and Humanities

The oromi curriculum in Oromiya is designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills associated with the element are transmitted to children in their tongue. One of the roles of the Yuba semi-retired classes are that they are main protagonists in the election campaigns. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In short the Gada system systsm the Oromo calendar were inseparable. Sustainable Peace for Ethiopia and Eritrea: Gada is an indigenous system of human development on the basis of which the Oromo welfare system is institutionalized, communal wealth distributed, rules of resource protection and environmental conservation enforced and through which all their aspirations are fulfilled.

The Qaallu, the religious leader, leads the ritual zystem, such as blessing Gada officials and operations. This page was last edited on 26 Juneat There are minimal ranking between senior and junior councilors. Ethiopia Appoints First Woman President. However, whenever conflict which concerns the presiding Abba Gada is discussed he is replaced by any other Gada councilor or semi retired Gada leader.

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Winter season in most part of the country is a dry season but, for the Oromos it is a period of harvesting, a time of gathering crops and a season of trekking for the pastoral community. Other shortcomings include rigidity of rules, and the question of scaling Gadaa to millions of people.

Thus, an understanding of the System by different communities helps for inter-cultural systwm and encourage mutual respect. Most of the time possessor of ‘Kallachaa’ can possess Bokkuu the sign of political power. The centrality of the Gada system in Oromo social life gradually declined in many parts of Oromia and Gada political activities progressively transformed into simple life crisis and rituals.

Later he used Oromo warriors and military strategy to take the imperial throne.? Considering the symbolic significance of Gadaa for the Oromo, as well as its structural innovations, researchers in law, indigenous studies, and pan-Africanism are exploring how the system could be utilized in the 21st century.

They are greatly honoured; their blessings are sought by women. As a governance System, Systtem guides the life course of individuals and regulates political, economic, social and religious activities of the community. Oromo society was structured in accordance with this Gada system. Every transition ritual at different levels has its own unique character, name and procedure.