This page is about Punjab Police Rules applicable today in all police stations of the Punjab, Pakistan under the Police Act and Police Order . 18 Apr Punjab Police Rules (Pakistan) Constitution – For the purposes of section 3 of the Police Act (V of ) the Punjab is divided into. 1. THE PUNJAB POLICE RULES. (AS APPLICABLE IN HARYANA STATE) .. (e) a person of Indian origin who migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri.

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The intention of the law is defeated when the first information is sent, not as required by section to the magistrate having jurisdiction, but nominally to the District Magistrate, really to a prosecuting inspector or other official at the headquarters, who files it until the case is sent up finally for trial.

Nine inches is the minimum quantity of medal ribbon, which may be intended for. Shoulderstrongs to same materials as garment, fastened with a small Indian Police pattern button. Except in pounds and stables, horses and other animals shall not be kept inside police buildings, of enclosures, or in objectionable proximity to them.

There are no specific rules for this matter. Convex, die struck and embossed. The loan will be repaid by him in 36 equal in almost commencing from the month following the month in which it is drawn with an additional installment for recovery of interest.

Badges of rank may be of worsted instead of metal. The ribbon, from which this badge is suspended is worn under the white tie, the badges hanging about an inch below.

Punjab Police Rules, – Punjab Govt. Notification

Outposts are located where necessary for the pakistzn of crime and are subordinate to the police stations in the jurisdictions of which they are located. The jacket to be worn with a soft khakhi collar and shirt and dark blue silk sailor-knot tie.

Grant for the purchase of uniform, Saddlery and horses — The following grants fo the Purchase of uniform and of a horse and saddlery when an Officer pakistaj required to keep a horse, have been sanctioned by Government for Gazetted Officers of the Police Service of Pakistan and the Provincial Police Service.

In no case should full dress uniform be worn on duty.

Beds and boxes at Rs. A pskistan area of approximately two acres is sufficient for all these requirements, and land in excess of this amount should not normally be acquired. Medal ribbons, which as a result of fair wear and tear require placement shall be replaced at the expense of the clothing fund, otherwise at the expense of officers.

All gazetted officers, except Prosecuting Deputy Superintendents, shall proved themselves with at least one horse not less then 14 hands 1 inch in height or mounted duties, unless specially exempted for doing so by the Pilice General. For 1 st and 2 nd Armed Reserve. Note 3 — Police Service of Pakistan Officers in an administrative post is entitled to count any such period forwards the renewal grant for horse and saddlery, provided that he eventually reverts and is no confirmed rulds the administrative post, and provided also that he maintains a horse during the officiating period.


After the render has been accepted by the Inspector – General of Police, it will be returned to the Superintendent of Police for record in his office and the Superintendent of Police shall supply a duplicate attested copy of it to the tender. And it is hereby lastly agreed than, if, and so often as the said A.

The holster will be worn on the left and the ammunition pouch on the right of the belt. Inspector General – 1 [The Inspector-General of Police, responsible for the command of the Police force, its discipline administration. Only punishments chapter is being implemented by the police officers. Medals Belonging to Order —. When the proposal affects several villages the explanation should make clear the grounds for including each.

The rent of the portion used as an officer shall be adjusted by book transfer by credit to Revenue punjwb debit to the contingent grant of the Police Department. A special police officer of the rank of upper subordinate will be entitled to receive all courtesies due to an officer of his rank, but his authority will extend only to special police officers under his orders and not to officers of the regular police.

Grant and wearing of medals and decorations — 1 Orders regarding the grant of civil decorations are contained in Chapter-XV. A pattern of the approved material for serge uniform will be kept in the office of polce Inspector—General. The Inspector — General and Deputy Inspectors — General punuab permitted to wear serge uniform when carrying out inspections. Location of additional police under section 13 — When a notification appears in the Punjab Gazette ordering the location of an additional police post in a disturbed or dangerous area, the Superintendent concerned shall, on receipt of such gazette, take immediate measures, for the establishment of such post, and shall report to the Inspector General, the date on which it is established, sending copy to the District Magistrate concerned.

Careful consideration shall be given to economizing men by providing intermittent patrols instead of fixed points of beats, and by providing means of locomotion to enable a few men to cover a considerable area, wherever possible. Such persons should not have menial or unreasonable duties assigned to them, but the object should punjba to employ them in the manner best suited to make their personal influence effective.

Applicants should given under the following heads particulars of what is to be protected, and should state when and where the police are required, whether they are to be employed at one or more fixed points or whether they are required for occasional escort duties. The latter will be forwarded to the Executive Engineer by the Superintending Engineer, who will also ask the Deputy Inspector General to allot funds according to the provision of rule.


Laws, Rules & Regulations

To convey administrative approval to estimates of expenditure on works in connection with existing residential buildings. To be drawn by hand.

A clear description of the work should be given and the application should also state the necessity for the work. When it becomes necessary to negotiate for, and to draft new leases in respect of, residential buildings, the Executive Engineer should invariably be consulted, as he will be responsible for seeing that the lease is properly signed and duly registered. Sale of produce, etc. To convey administrative approval to works for non-residential buildings. Initial and annual charges — In all application for revision of establishment due provision shall be made for initial charges of Rs.

Extra kits for additional police — The Deputy Inspector General may sanction a fixed number of extra kits and sufficient equipment to be permanently maintained in each district for additional police. Provided that no Officer who is due to retire within next five years or who holds administrative post for which maintenance of a horse is not essential, is eligible to receive a grant for the purchase of a horse and saddlery.

One copy of this list shall be each range Deputy Inspector-General and two copies by each Superintendent of Police, for use in office and in the lines. Care should be taken to see that the jurisdiction of the Police Station does not cut across the boundaries of the Civil Sub-Division in which the Police Station is located].

Companions of the several orders of Knighthood. Goods to be surveyed — 1. On the occasion of his investiture a decor must not wear the badge of the lower class of the Order in which he has been promoted.

A pron for motor cleaning blue. The some form may be used for contracts for the supply of other articles, such as beds or boxes required to be manufactured locally according to a standard pattern.

All ranks of Police employed in the province are appointed or enrolled under section 2 of the Act. The police department requires land for the housing, training and recreation of the force and for the pitching of temporary camps in the vicinity of police buildings. A sufficient number of turns should be made with the strap of the sowrd knot to absorb all the strap with the exception of the acorn. Roll collar of black silk.

Chief Engineer Public Works Department.