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RA – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 9 Oct RA “Department of the Interior and Local Government Act of “. (5 votes ). An act establishing the Philippine National Police under a. Be in enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled: 1. SECTION 1. The last paragraph of Sec. 24 of R.A. .

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At the provincial level, there shall be a PNP office, each headed by a provincial director.

Issuances Details

It shall, likewise, be the duty of the city or municipal mayor to sponsor periodic seminars for members of the PNP assigned or detailed in his city or municipality in order to update them regarding local ordinances and legislations. Qualifications of Regional Directors.

Towards this end, the State shall bolster a system of coordination and d.a.6975 among the citizenry, local executives and the integrated law enforcement and public safety agencies created under this Act. Such complaints or g.a.6975 shall be resolved at the lowest possible level in the unit of command and the respondent shall have the right to appeal from an adverse decision to higher authorities.

RA – Panfilo “Ping” Lacson

Provided, That, in all cases, the total period shall not exceed thirty 30 days. There shall be at least one 1 PLEB for every five hundred city or municipal police personnel.

Rr.a.6975 city and municipal mayors shall exercise operational supervision and control over PNP units in their respective jurisdiction except during the thirty 30 day period immediately preceding and the thirty 30 days following any national, local and barangay elections. It shall consider appeals from decisions of the regional directors, other officials, mayors, and the PLEBs: Power to Administer Oaths.

R.A.6975 EPUB

For this purpose, the term “employ” and “deploy” shall mean as follows:. Provided, That, in the case of large cities and municipalities, a district jail with subordinate jails headed by a district jail warden may be established as necessary.


Provided, That, in all cases, the total period shall not exceed sixty 60 days; r. It shall include the power to employ and deploy units or elements of the PNP, through the station commander, to ensure public safety and effective maintenance of peace and order within the r.z.6975.

Provided; That, in all cases, the total r.a.695 shall not exceed fifteen 15 days. The heads of the NCR district offices with the rank of chief superintendent shall have the position title of District Director.

The heads of the municipality or city offices with the rank of chief inspector shall be known as Chief of Police. However, PLEB members may be paid per diem as may be determined by the city or municipal council from.

TPPD Retirement Applies to a member who is permanently and totally disabled as a result of injuries suffered or sickness contracted in the performance of duty Sec. Licensed criminologists may be appointed to the rank of inspector to fill up any vacancy after promotions from the ranks are completed.

Specific Powers and Functions of the Secretary.

Retirement in the Next Higher Grade. Of the first four 4 commissioners to be appointed, two 2 commissioners shall serve for six 6 years and the two 2 other commissioners for four 4 years.

Provided, That a decision involving demotion or dismissal from the service may be appealed by either party r.a.695 the regional appellate board within ten 10 days from receipt of the copy of the decision. The Chief of the Jail Bureau shall recommended to the Secretary the organizational structure and staffing pattern of the Bureau as well as the disciplinary machinery for officers and men of the Bureau in accordance with the guidelines set forth herein and as prescribed in Section 85 of this Act.

Phase II — Approval of the table of organization and equipment of all bureaus and offices created under this Act, preparation and filling up of their stalling pattern, transfer of assets to the Department and organization of the Commission, to be completed within twelve 12 months from the effectivity date hereof. Provided, That no support unit headed by a chief superintendent or a r.a.9675 rank can be created unless provided by law. Philippine National Police Forum.


PRBS Official Website

Uniformed personnel shall be retired one 1 rank higher than the permanent grade last held; provided that they have served for at least one 1 year of active service in the permanent grade; Sec 74, RA The Chief of the PNP shall, within sixty r.a.6975 days from the effectivity of this Act and in accordance with the broad guidelines set forth herein, recommend the organizational structure and staffing pattern of the PNP to the R.a.975.

Each regional office shall be headed by a regional director to be assisted by two 2 assistant regional directors: There shall be likewise be established regional and city crime laboratories as may be necessary in all regions and cities of the country.

Longevity R.a.69755 and Allowances. Doctors of medicine, r. We use cookies to provide best service on our website.

RA – an act establishing the Philippine National Police under a reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government and for other purposes, otherwise known as the “Department of the Interior and Local Government Act of “.

At the provincial level, there shall be an office of the provincial fire marshall which shall implement the policies, plans and programs r.a.6957 the Department; and monitor, evaluate and coordinate the operations and activities of the fire service operating units at the city and municipal levels. Its national scope rr.a.6975 civilian character r. Sec 76, RA At the national level, the PNP shall maintain its office in Metropolitan Manila which shall house the directorial staff, service staff and special support units.

Provided, That any person who shall be appointed in this case shall be eligible for regular appointment for another full term. The head of the Inspectorate Division with the rank of chief superintendent r.