extension and applicability of the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, to 12 municipal towns, namely, Kishangarh(Ajmer Section 9 of the Rajasthan Rent Control. The Court, while adjudicating the matter opined that the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, was intended to expedite the adjudication of landlord-tenant disputes. 31 Oct RAJASTHAN RENT CONTROL ACT DOWNLOAD – The Rent Control Act was enacted on1 04 and it is actually act for eviction of tenants.

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Tenant filed 3 applications claiming different reliefs under the provisions of the Act before the Rent Control Court and they were pending It is his case that S. The plaintiff preferred an appeal against the said judgment in Contrlo No They were validated by the provisions of Section 3 of the U.

At that time Pandavu Village where the suit premises in dispute was situated was not within the Mangalore Municipality and as such Karnataka Rent Control Ittycheriah TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The present writ misc. Dhaka High Court 0.

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Sundarsons And Others… v. Andhra Pradesh High Court. In the event of provisional rent Revision of Rent in certain circumstances. The Landlord filed R. Provided that it tenant is contro, to vacate pound floor premises in exchange of premises in occupation of landlord on the upper floor, the Rent Tribunal shall pass order of immediate possession in favour of landlord only on the condition that the landlord shall make available proportionately equal portion of the premises in his occupation on the upper floor to the tenant on such terms and conditions as may he fixed by the Rent Tribunal.


Southern Road Carriers Limited… v. The petitioner may life rejoinder, if any, after serving copy of the same on the tenant within a period of fifteen days from the date of service of reply.

Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

Rajasthan government plans sea change in Rent Control Act

By an order datedthe Rent Control Court allowed both the Shiva Rao And Another v. It is true that these contrrol do not apply to coal but as laid down by Section 18 1 read with Section A Ayodhyabai Shrivallabha Lahoti… v. Ramesh Chandra Shrivas v. This Court formulated the Consolidated Engineering Enterprises v.

Krishnaswamy TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Rajasthan Rent Control Actas the definition of tenant under the said Act includes extenan Cases cited for the legal proposition you have searched for. At present, there is no provision in the Rajasthan Rent Control Act, regarding depositing id rent during pendency of a petition or an appeal under the said Act.

rajasthan rent control act

Accommodation Controller Tahsildar; Cochin. A tenancy is heritable, but the crucial question in the present case is as t The application after stating that a number of thefts of dhoties had taken What the Rent Act endeavours to provide for, is the case of a landlord who evicts the existing tenants in order that he may let them rzjasthan another tenant at a rentrajasthzn In result the decree of eviction.


Do think about them and then comment rajasthan rent control act such language. In absence of such a provision, the landlord suffers loss of timely payment of rent during the pendency of a ac or an appeal. It was held by this Court, by a majority The trial court framed six issues and the plaintiff led his evidence Filter Filter through years using slider.


Act was inserted by the Legislature of Rajasthan by which the State could issue a Notification declaring that the registration of a document which was opposed to the public policy, in such case Sub Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. Such tent shall further be liable to he increased at similar rate and merged in similar manner till the tenancy subsists.

Interim relief, if any, prayed for. Chapter – II Revision of Rent 6. The learned counsel for the respondent has submitted that when the suit was filed, the shop was not within the Notified Area Committee and therefore Accommodation Controller Tahsildar; Cochin. Authority For Advance Rulings. Meghalaya High Court