18 Jun Reiki Tummo is a far more potent and powerful form of healing and self- purification than many other Reiki practices. The main difference between Reiki Tummo. Welcome to the home of Reiki TUMMO in the USA. We often hold community gatherings, Reiki TUMMO workshops, Spiritual Retreats, and Special Retreats all . Reiki Tummo is a unique combination of both Reiki (universal energy) and TUMMO (Kundalini energy), attunements and techniques designed to give its.

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RT Level 2 Kundalini is the special energy that helps you to thoroughly cleanse your energy body continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You are the one that can make your heart soiled, while only the blessing from Divine Source can cleanse it.

Then, at the advanced levels, you will learn how to let the blessing of the Divine Source work on you to fulfill all of your needs, to take you to your ultimate and final destiny-to return home and attain Yoga!. Wants to be healthier.

Every big chakra that is located along the sushumna has knots in the sushumna. Aiding the breaking of rekii to alcohol, tobacco, utmmo, and other substances. In addition, connection to the Earth core energy will help your Kundalini grow very fast because the Earth core energy is actually the source of TUMMO energy.

Wants to have more peace, calmness, happiness and joy in your daily life. It is also crucial for your spiritual growth.

Reiki and Reiki TUMMO™

It is a safe and natural way to promote health and well-being by restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit. Combination between giving hand-to-hand donations and guiding open heart meditation is permitted.


If you are reiko using the universal Reiki energy for cleansing, the energy will cleanse from the top down as divine energy starts flowing into your body from the crown chakra. Reiki Tummo is a unique combination of both Reiki universal energy and TUMMO Kundalini energyattunements and techniques designed to give its practitioner an effective Reiki healing capability as well as a safe, instant and blissful Kundalini awakening.

Reiki Tummo Level 1 is a gentle but thorough attunement that prepares all your energy channels and chakras to be cleansed and opened.

Workshops – learn Reiki Tummo

Reiki is not something magical. So, if you consider yourself to be someone who: Please see the illustration of the combined and synchronized cleansing by Reiki and Kundalini energy.

Being connected tukmo the Heart is very important. Being in the Heart is also very important to be able to receive the blessing from the True Source and to reach higher understanding and realizations, as the brain is limited. Yummo Level 2 The primary goal of the Meditation workshop is to teach the true goal of meditation and how to perform meditation correctly.

Each step is part of a well understood reoki to cleanse and open the spiritual heart. You can cleanse your heart chakra with a technique or an energy, but not the heart itself.

Reiki and Reiki TUMMO™ | Padmacahaya

The Kundalini fire reaches at least to the heart chakra. Enhancing intuition and elevating spiritual awareness. International Institute for Inner Study. It is organised as series of introductory weekend workshops and week long retreats held all over the world to discover everything you need to be able to bring this into your daily life.

Additional training is given in Reiki Tummo workshops to cover more spiritual advanced aspects such as the Grounding technique, Spiritual Heart and Tummo meditation. Instant opening of the crown chakra. You will then be able to attain your higher consciousness as soul and spirit to understand more about the real purpose and goal of life and about the Divine Source.


With Shing Chi, the practitioner is attuned to the divine chakras above the crown and shown how to integrate them with the awakening spiritual heart. It will take years before the universal energy can do a complete cleansing on the lowest chakra, the base chakra.

The Reiki Tummo workshops include all levels of traditional Usui Reiki. There is a minimum 21 day practice and preparation period before doing Reiki Tummo Level 3. For those who are interested in advancement of their spiritual growth, this is a complete system to fulfil your ultimate destiny.

Padmacahaya builds a foundation that develops tummmo connection-realization with your soul, spirit and The True Source in order to attain enlightenment and finally reach Yoga. An effective technique for connecting your spiritual heart to the Divine and attain Full Enlightenment and Yoga.

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Increasing the quantity and quality of your energy. By stimulating the energy to flow properly, the natural ability of the body to heal itself functions again, and the body will recover.

Yes, you will be channeling energy, but the similarities to other Reiki traditions stops there. The energy from the universe is effective for healing and improving your health.

It is more effective on the lower part of the body.