28 Aug It was not war; they did not understand yielding. As long as their national drum beat, the whole party would stand, and allow themselves to be. Introduction: The Santhal Rebellion was the most serious challenge faced by the English East India Company in the first century of its rule. Until June Santal Rebellion of Atis Dasgupta. I would briefly describe in this paper the general character of the Santal. Rebellion () and certain.

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To create this new breed of Zamindars, the British auctioned away large tracts of land belonging to the Santhals, to anyone who would guarantee them these fixed revenues.

Thousands of innocent people have been killed in a battle that seems nowhere near an end!

The simple and honest Santhals were cheated and turned into slaves by the zamindars the money lenders who first appeared to them as mere business men who gave sanhtal loans. Sadly, this great Santhal Revolt, fought in the jungles of Jharkhand and West Bengal finds just a one-line mention in our school history books.

The British were helped by the local Zamnidars, who rebelloon with them for their own selfish needs. Although the Rebellion was crushed with a heavy hand, some British army officers like Major Jervis who observed.

Santhal rebellion

Asnthal the santhali women who worked under labour contractors were disgraced and used. A forum dedicated for talking about anything related to Indian reference. The rebellion was headed by the four brothers of the Murmu clan – Sidhu, Kanhu, Chand and Bhairav and their two sisters Phulo and Jhano. There is also an increase in the amount of santgal land. Soon after the declaration the Santhals took to arms.


As a result, other sources of income have been developed.

The Revolt Of Sido Kanhu Murmu University. A number of skirmishes occurred after this which resulted in large number of casualties for the Santhals. Initially a small contingent was sent to suppress the rebels but it could not succeed and this further fueled the spirit of the revolt.

They declared themselves free and took an oath under the leadership of Sidhu Murmu and Kanhu Murmu to fight till their last breath against the British and their agents. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. The brothers sent emissaries across Santhal lands with Sal Shorea robusta branches as a secret form of communication.

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The Santhal rebellion sometimes referred to as the Sonthal rebellioncommonly known as Santhal Hoolwas a native rebellion in present-day Jharkhandin eastern India against both the British colonial authority and zamindari system by the Santhal people. As years passed things got worse. The declaration and escalation of war had much to do in moulding the attitude of Indian National Congress and other national leaders towards the combatants.

E-mail this Article Post a Comment. On one side were tribes fighting rbellion bows and arrows and on the other were the British and their agents, the Zamindars with the latest weapons. Soon the British began to clear the forests in order to grow cash crops such as jute, poppy and indigo.

Santhals followed the barter system, but the Zamindars had to be paid in cash. History truly is a continuum and it is important to understand the past, to make sense of the present. The Santhal rebellion of CE was called Hulwhich in renellion local language means a movement for liberation.


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Sadly, even now, 70 years since India’s independence, problems continue wanthal fester. Tomb of Aurangzeb Among the other Mughal emperors, the tomb of Aurangzeb stands out in many ways. Like inthe Santhals are unhappy santhxl losing control and the rights over the land they feel is part of them.

It was a revolt against the oppression of the colonial rule propagated through a distorted revenue system, enforced by the local zamindars, the police and the courts of the legal system set up by the British. Today, the government is trying to preserve forests, so cultivation shifting is limited. One day in JuneSidhu Murmu claimed that he had a divine revelation that oppression can only be overthrown by armed rebellion.

Not only was this an uprising of great importance, the root cause behind it, the rights to tribal lands, became the basis of a more recent and deadly movement that continues to fester- the infamous Naxalite movement in India. When santgal drum ceased, they would move off a quarter of a mile; then their drums beat again, and they calmly stood till we came up and poured a few volleys into them.

In many villages the Zamindars, money lenders and their operatives were put sannthal death.