The Hollow Man [John Dickson Carr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 13 Apr The Hollow Man (aka: The Three Coffins) by John Dickson Carr () The Hollow Man was voted the best locked-room mystery of all time in. 10 Feb The Hollow Man () by John Dickson Carr. Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt Item: Town scene. The Hollow Man. Continuing the impossible.

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I would agree that it was impossible to figure out the solution, and I loved the Victorian British feel, but the writing did not have the panache of Conan Doyle and I almost felt like I was working out a logic problem in school, as opposed to losing myself in a baffling British mystery.

The Three Coffins/The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr () – Mystery Reviews

The characters were interesting, there was enough intrigue in there to keep you guessing, and just enough threads for you to grab hold of to start untangling the mystery yourself.

We were never previously told about this. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is another one that I’d cwrr of but never read – and I really enjoyed it. The other is the explanation of how he entered his house towards the end without leaving tracks. Fley, an illusionist, tells Professor Dcikson about how he escaped a coffin.

Fell is a gifted amateur. Fley is the central suspect, and is also an illusionist.

The Hollow Man

Fell talks to the reader about how to write locked-room mysteries, but not how to solve murders. He modelled his affable and eccentric series detective Gideon Fell on G.

This site holllow Akismet to reduce spam. We are told of an entrance-way into the basement of the house that is sheltered from the snow by a projection.


Will be very interested to see what you make of her. Carr’s solution for his locked room mystery a subgenre the lecture in chapter 17 clearly shows that he has familiarized himself with to the point of obsession is highly ingenious. Unfortunately, though many out-of-print Carr books have johm been re-issued as ebooks, this is not yet one of them.

This was a very entertaining read and kept me guessing until the end. Grimaud was in his upper floor study when an odd looking fellow, hidden behind a false face, pushed his way past the housekeeper and locked the door.

The of first crr best locked door mysteries. Answers on a postcard please or alternatively in the comments section below.

I intend dicksin capture the flavor of the story in ten excerpts. It is chapter 8 and not chapter 7. I didn’t, however, take much of a liking to his undeniably brilliant – but somewhat dry – detective, Dr.

He is thoroughly, increasingly sketchy. If you’re in for a locked-room mystery, this is gonna be your thing. Carr’s style when writing Dr. Fell does, which by going to check on the well-being of their friend, Prof. I would probably put this as a must-have for serious mystery readers. The Sentence is Death Anthony Horowitz. The Hanging Tree Ben Aaronovitch.

To make matters worse, the gun carried by Fley matches the bullet found in Grimaud and the presence of powder burns make it quite certain that Fley was shot at close quarters, though the snow and the witnesses all suggest that this is quite impossible.

His intention was to create the illusion that Fley had called on him and shot him in the study, escaping out the window, and that Fley then returned to his own flat and committed suicide. I’ve come late to John Dickson Carr and his many other pseudonyms so I am ill-qualified to comment on his writing, but I loved this. The narrative though then shifts to prior both of the crimes, focusing on a suspicious circumstance in a pub where Grimaud drinks with his friends, Stuart Mills, Anthony Pettis, Boyd Mangan and Jerome Burnaby.


I wasn’t ready for it, and it put me at a distance from the end of the book. I can’t say whether it is or not but I was certainly enjoyably baffled by it. Luckily, Mangan learns more about Fley from an acrobat who had worked with Fley.

How did Fley escape? He is male, unmarried or at least his wife is not mentionedand moral.

In he was awarded the first of two prestigious Edgar Awards uollow the Mystery Writers of America, and was presented with their Grand Master Award mzn Want to Read saving….

The King is Dead Ellery Queen. Then a series of chuckles ran up the ridges of his waistcoat. Fell engages in a long investigation, discovering that Grimaud had purchased a large painting of three coffins set in a Transylvanian landscape, in order to deal with his anticipated visitor.

The Three Coffins/The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr (1935)

John Dickson Carr set a high standard for his locked-room successors. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Clearly a five star read!

If you do not like it, you are howlingly right to say so. The sheer ingenuity of the plot is a delight.