o Wole Soyinka The moral rights of the author have been The Swamp Dwellers, The Strong breed fusi published by. Oxford University Press Of the Strong Breed. 1 WAS SO IMPRESSED by Wole Soyinka’s Three Plays. ( Mbari Publications, ) when I first read them that I was surprised to find myself . The Strong Breed: Wole Soyinka: more serious plays, such as The Strong Breed (), Kongi’s Harvest (opened the first Festival of Negro Arts in Dakar,

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Bar chart illustrating percentage s of the speech acts in the names.


How deep the blind faith is in rural india and how our perception of somethingmakes it right or wrong rather thatn what really it is. Schneider applies a generative approach to the study of human names which, according to him, is anthroponomastics. Considering the illocutionary acts of the names, out of the five names anaysed, three are informing, one is commanding.

The Trial of Brother Jero, Scenes As customs demand, a stranger is used for this purpose and Ifada is the apparent choice. The readers are indeed bewildered with the words of Jaguna “There are those who will pay for this night’s work! Lamine Ka rated it liked it Jun 30, He does this to spare a young simpleton the same fate. In The Strong Breed, Soyinka writes about the themes of social inclusion and exclusion in another small village in Nigeria.

This type of ritual and customs can see in different communities of the world, mostly soginka the tribal communities.

Erika rated it it was amazing Mar 11, The answer is not far-fetched as it implies — to get him sacrificed one day. The Ethnography of Communication. Jaguna is to fight with perceived enemies and strangers like Eman and Ifada who are the participants in this context.


He unravels the myth behind descriptive names turned anthroponyms personal names and toponyms geographical names respectively.

He is a ny of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and is happily married. Settings Themes and Motifs Styles.

The Trials of Brother Jero and The Strong Breed Summary & Study Guide

Follow Us on Facebook. Sunma and Eman do not notice.

The Girl explains the she is sick and the effigy will cure her. The play also deals with the outcaste characters like ‘the girl’ and the abandoned Ifada. Jero owes Amope one pound, eight shillings and bdeed that he borrowed for a velvet cape.

Amina Yusuph rated it really liked it Sep 18, Forouq Mansour rated it it was ok Feb 07, So Eman has fled the family tradition of symbolic sacrifice. Newer Post Older Post Home. The practices exhibited in Yoruban culture show the structure of both a social and economical factors.

NOSTALGIA: The critical analysis of the play ‘The strong breed’ written by Wole Soyinka

This necessitates the search for a carrier, the scapegoat, who will dispense with the evil of the year ending. It is different, however, because it dwells largely on generic naming while we are dealing with literary onomastics. Ajaguna Chief of Army therefore exist in Yoruba lexicon. He agrees with Yulep.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. But as a matter of fact Eman eventually recognizes that it is better to choose his destiny rather than to live it. He is addressed as follows by Jaguna: They exploited the minority for theirown prosperity. In my home, we believe that a man should be willing.


Jero forbids him from doing so, then runs off after a woman. Casey rated it it was ok Jan 21, The play is centered on the tradition of egunguna Yoruba festival tradition in which a scapegoat of the village carries out the evil of the community and is exiled from the civilization. Please read your article again and edit those small mistakes.

It is one of the pillars upon which the present study stands. The act is informative and the instrumentality is verbal. Chinua Achebe’s short story “Marriage is a Private Affair”, deals with the caste-bound constraints of Africa. Furthermore, Eman is a stranger with whom? Then, our answer speaks to the setting of the play which is brefd unnamed community.

Books by Wole Soyinka.

Instrumentalities- These constitute the different channels of speech transmission e. A short but symbolically heavy play. On a lighter mood, both Oroge and Jaguna explains strojg reason Eman has to give up the helpless Ifada. Oroge is so gentle that Jaguna even accuses him of not shouting at Eman as a carrier in the following extract: Sunma wonders whether Eman has had some problem with a woman in the past, and immediately asks soyinkaa forgiveness when she realizes her offense.

Does this one look like my daughter? While Amope is haggling with the woman, Jero flees the hut. Let me cripple the harlot for life. The research further affirmed the submission of Schineider that steong anthroponomastics approaches its subject ethnographically. You see there is a purpose in that.