7 Oct Cryx is one of the main factions in Warmachine and one of the eponymous Iron Kingdoms. Well, technically, it isn’t, but who cares about such. Items 1 – 24 of Warmachine: Cryx – Slaughter Fleet Raiders Theme Force Box Warmachine: Cryx – Corrupter/Reaper/Malice Heavy WarJack (1). 1 day ago Also known as The Nightmare Empire, Cryx is a nation entirely under the control of Lord Toruk the Dragonfather and his council of 13 Lich.

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As for the item itself it is a very good set.

Def is still bad, awrmachine keep them in the back and watch your opponents face change as he mocks your four 5 inch pies missing their targets only for the pies to bounce! Cryx can just wait for him to die, go to his grave, steal his body, and resurrect him somewhere as their loyal wwrmachine servant. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

He decided he would rather be a dragon disciple than be a druid anymore so he went and sought Toruk out.

Warmachine Cryx:

Terminus is gigantic and despite his wings being made of rust and bone can fly. It looks really easy to blow thru the full stack of Focus, which makes an up-front Warcaster without particularly strong defensive tech just a bad idea.

I got the sepulcher because the faction is often a numbers game with respawns to boot. He and Terminus hate each other mostly because Asphyxious wants Terminus out of the way and Terminus sees through the convenient disappearances and untimely deaths of Asphyxious rivals for what they are.


He grew wings and took on more of a dragon like form if dragons were made of rusty jagged metal. All to give you a sense for which models are among the best on those categories. The key starts with Telekinesis.

Each warcaster possesses an arsenal of weapons tailored to his personal fighting style as well as a unique combination of spells and skills. Haley almost wafmachine Skarre, but Skarre managed to save herself by revealing some information about Asphyxious plans.

Supporting Toruk’s minions are the necrotechs’ black-iron masterpieces: Mortenebra is a virtuoso when it comes to getting the most out of her helljacks and bonejacks and she is one of the few warcasters in Cryx who likes taking a multitude of them.

He also has a personal centipede shaped bonejack called Cankerworm that can tear warmachinr weapon off a defeated enemy warjack and use it. Privateer Press review Rules Warmachine-Hordes.

This article is a skub. Scaverous has always been a Rube Goldberg kind of Warcaster. One day the three women and their beach ball which they call Egregore delivered themselves to Cryx forces and asked to speak with Terminus. Skarre Ravenmane is the strongest of them all and sails as captain of Cryx’s black fleet.

This is probably the battle box for you.

Cryx | Factions | WARMACHINE Tactics

He has schemed his way up the ladder disposing of rivals by letting enemy forces know where they would be. Reversal looks good until you realize that it only happens on a miss. The Revenant Crew is a great unit for the Cryx army from the Warmachine game. Skarre Ravenmane- Is a hottie. Do you want to cripple your enemy right at the moment of his triumph?


This means Cryx pretty much gets all the best inventors and minds eventually. The satyxis are a race of amazon women who were mutated when Toruk flew over watmachine island and dripped blood on them he was bleeding from a battle with one of his progeny mutating them into demon women who practice blood magic.

While they were able to retake Point Bourne, their combined force got their asses handed to them, in the Thornwood.

Toruk asked him to prove his loyalty by walking into a volcano. Outfitted with an array of wicked weaponry, these imposing constructs of steel and iron are brought to life through a fusion of steam power and magic and controlled with deadly precision by the warcaster. Scaverous as a whole is pretty much the Cryxian version of Rahn right down to what their feats do.

Some of Asphyxious and Terminus fights end with Toruk telling both of them to play nice.

Warmachine Cryx

The Iron Kingdoms are populated by rare individuals who possess warjachine arcane talents in addition to unmatched combat skills. These undead warcasters are usually called ironliches or lichlords and they serve Lord Toruk as generals usually with a certain area of specialization. This is some riveting stuff. He took on Deneghra as an apprentice.